The BS Sales Close

If you are going into a sales call that you might sense hesitation or its a "cold call", may I suggest, "The BS Card Sales Close":

Start by saying:

Before I begin I know there is some trepidation with truth and some members of my industry so I would like to start with a gesture. 

This is my BS card. I use it when a salesperson is pulling my leg or I feel something is not right. I am giving this to you. Feel free to slap it down if something is a miss. 

(Do your presentation)

Did you like having the BS card at stand by?

(Yes or nod)

Well since I did not see it stop us. I am going to write up the order and I will tell you what, keep the card for the next salesman you see. 😉

PS... give the BS card to a spouse or trusted friend while you practice your presentation and let them call BS as you smooth out and practice your delivery. Let me know how it worked for you.